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We are expert in Laser Welding, Micro-Cutting, Laser Drilling, Engraving and Marking. We develop laser processes on all kind of metals, ceramic and crystals.

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Laser Process Development

We develop all kind of laser processes : Laser Engravung, Precision Cutting, Drilling, Micro-Welding and Laser Marking for 3D and 3D Application

Laser Sources

From the conventional Fibre Laser to Ultra Short Pulse Laser. Millisecond, Nanosecond, Picosecond and Femtosecond Pulse Length are available

Engineering & Consulting

We Help you choosing the Right Laser Technology : Feasability test, Laser Process Development, Tooling and Machine Conception. We will reach your Goal !!

Project from A to Z

We Develop and Optimize your Apllication Project from the beginning with a Laser adapted Design to the Industrialization, going through all the necessary step including Prototyping

Laser Training Possibility

Keep the control on your Processes. We train your employees in Laser Technology, Laser Application, Laser Maintenance and Optical system Adjustment

Personnalised Training Program

To guaranty a successful training which full fill  your needs, we define the man topics and the training program with you and adapt our standard formation program

Maintenance & Spare Parts

We support you in your factory with process development, Expertize, Service, Spare Parts and Accessories for your Laser system

Expert at your Service

As Expert, we put our Knowledge at your Disposition for Machine and Process Reception with your Supplier, that you get the Machine you Order

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