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Laser Welding-Cutting-Engraving-Titane-Medical

The laser welding process and the current technologies allow us assemblies of metals with unusual mechanical and metallurgical properties. The energy density is much higher than the conventional joining methods and the thinness of the laser beam allows rapid melting and solidification of the material.

Pulse length in the order of a few milliseconds are sufficient to obtain a solid and small diameter spot weld. A movement of the part or of the beam then makes possible to create a seam which have mechanical characteristics close to those of the base material.

The advantages of this assembly process make the laser solution for metal welding applications essential:

  • With or without filler metal
  • Little or no deformation
  • High speed welding
  • Excellent weld fineness and reproducibility
  • Excellent mechanical strength and metallurgical properties
Laser Welding-Cutting-Engraving-Titane-Medical
Laser Welding-Cutting-Engraving-Titane-Medical

In addition, laser welding makes it possible to assemble both the high melting temperature and high thermal conductivity metals and the so-called “non-weldable” metals by conventional techniques.

The lasers allow the realization of many methods of welding or brazing (with contribution of material): spot welding, hybrid welding (combination of two welding techniques, laser and plasma for example), conduction, scanner or galvanometric head, etc. The laser tool is currently used mainly by the industry for its quality and speed of machining, negligible collateral effects on welded materials, its reliability, its versatility and its ease of integration on a production line .

These innovative and steadily growing technologies are becoming increasingly relevant to the industrial sector, including:

  • The watchmaking and jewelery sector
  • The medical industry
  • The electronics and connectivity sector
  • The aeronautic sector
  • The shipbuilding and automotive industry
Laser Welding-Cutting-Engraving-Titane-Medical