A versatil Process

Laser cutting is a thermal separation process without contact. The laser beam interaction with the material

Laser cutting is a non-contact thermal separation process. The interaction of the laser beam with the material will cause the melting, evaporation and sublimation The melted material will then be propelled from the slot by a high-pressure gas jet, coaxial with the laser beam .

Our optics and focusing heads allow us to reach variable cut widths down to 20 μm. We achieve aspect ratio up to 25. For example a cut of 25 μm wide in 0.6mm thick stainless steel will be achievable. The quality of the cutting and the performance of the process depend on several criteria including the choice of the appropriate laser source, the beam profil optimisation and choice of parameters like assist gas and others.

Laser cutting will be preferred on all types of metallic materials: stainless steel and high alloyed steel, Nickel and Cobalt basis Superalloy like Inconel, MarM, Molybdenum, all precious metals,…

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Laser Cutting offers infinite possibilities

The technological progress of the last years are significant in the area of laser sources. The appearance of fiber and ultra-short pulse lasers has opened up new horizons for applications. We are able to perform, cutting, engraving and high precision structuring on sapphire, pearl nacre, hard metals, ceramic materials (Aluminum oxide, Zirconia, …). The machining of crystals and other synthetic diamonds such as PCD or CBN are also part of our expertise.
We are glad to try any kind of new materials, so feel free to contact us.

The advantages of laser cutting:

  • Non-contact machining
  • Low stress on the material
  • Roughness of the sidewalls down to 0.3 microns
  • Zone Thermally Affected of a few microns
  • Cutting up to 25 ° inclination to the surface
  • Flexible and reliable process allowing the realization of small and large series in production