Let Your Imagination The Freedom To Design

The current laser engraving technologies allow us to give freedom to our imagination. Whether they are for ablation or laser decoration, possibilities are endless.

We also assist you in designing the engraving or decoration of your components according to your wishes.

Engraving-Structuring-Coloration-Black marking-Medical

Whether for the watch industry, jewelery, or any other industries that give importance to aesthetic aspects, finishes or lovely of 3D structures, we have an essential technology for the laser 3D engraving and the decoration of watch parts. Our 3D engraving equipment allow us to decorate flat, conical, inclined surface, and also free forms shape

Our system, equipped with an optical Z-axis, allows us to treat surfaces with up to 4mm difference in height at the highest speeds

Realization of watch parts decoration like “Perlage” or “Cotes de Genève” at the bottom of a cavity or on surfaces, that would not be accessible with the conventional decoration and grinding processes, becomes possible thanks to the laser tool.

We realize all types of decoration on most supports:

  • Cote de Geneve, Perlage
  • Colimaçonage, soleillage
  • Selective blasting, Carbon effect
  • 3D pyramid pattern
  • Logo engraving
  • 3D Structure, ….


Engraving-Structuring-Coloration-Black marking-Medical
Engraving-Structuring-Coloration-Black marking-Medical

Our lasers are mainly suitable for machining and processing of the majority of materials, including precious metals (gold, silver, platinum 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, … ..), oxide ceramics (Zirconia, Aluminium oxide, …), synthetic diamonds (PCD and CBN), sapphire, pearl nacre, hard metals and many other materials.

Do not hesitate to submit your project ideas to us as soon as possible. We would be pleased to guide you to the most realistic and industrial technical solutions for your project. Our priority is to provide qualitative and economically attractive solutions.